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Royal Recognition For Us All at Greensill

London, February 14, 2018
As many of you will be aware our CEO and founder, Lex Greensill, was at Buckingham Palace last Thursday to receive a CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) from HRH Charles, Prince of Wales, for services to the British economy.

As well as a huge personal achievement for Lex, this is a significant moment for our company as it represents an endorsement of what we do and an acknowledgement of the values we share.

As Lex points out, this award was only made possible by your efforts and you should all be very proud of what we have achieved together.

This is a recognition from Her Majesty the Queen and her government of the tireless work that we carry out each day that has provided a pool of more than 1 million SMEs around the world with access to nearly $20 billion of low-cost credit.

This “coming of age” for Greensill Capital and the Supply Chain Finance offering we have pioneered is a good moment to reflect on the value of what we do and the values we embrace.

Our innovation and passion for finding ways of getting capital to companies with better approaches than those provided by the banks has a profound and positive impact.

It doesn’t just create cheaper, faster and better access to working capital, it means that thousands of good companies are still in business and that their employees around the world have good jobs that their families can rely upon.

We are just getting started, but as this award demonstrates, what we do is increasingly appreciated. 

My congratulations to you all and particularly, of course, to Lex.


Maurice Thompson
Greensill Capital